Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bankster Tool Sworn in as Member of the Fed

Stanley Fischer took the oath of office on Wednesday as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. The oath was administered by Chair Janet L. Yellen in the Special Library.

As Peter Klein has pointed out, there were other candidates that held a less inflationist view than Fischer that could have been nominated by Obama (SEE: Politically Feasible Candidates That Would Have Been Better Nominees to the Fed Than Stanley Fischer)

He is a complete tool of the banksters (SEE: Fed Vice-Chair Nominee Stanley Fischer Worth Up to $56.3 Million; Gained Wealth By Working for the Banksters)


  1. "One of Us, One of Us. Gooble Gobble, Gooble Gobble."

  2. I don't see a copy of "Man, Economy and State" or "Human Action" on those shelves!

  3. One thing I am curious about - do Fed people like Fischer believe in their hearts that they are doing something useful and helpful for the majority of Americans? Or do they realize the Fed for what it really is: a way to enrich themselves and their crony masters off the taxpayers?

    1. I believe they think that they are thinking that these organizations have the potential to be helpful and useful, and that they are the people who might stir them in the right direction. Very few intelligent people can live a life without a positive purpose that they ascribe to what they're doing.


    2. YL anon.

      It took a LONG time before I grasped these truths. It took even longer before I was smart enough and brave enough to defend them.

    3. Why Rick. What was preventing you from seeing it?

    4. 16 years of government education - wait, miseducation - is powerful. REASON magazine lead me to Ayn Rand then to Mises via LRC.

    5. Rick:

      I guess my question is how long did it take you to figure out economics, history, and politics AFTER you started looking into it. It took my only a little more than a year. Before that I was completely and totally apolitical. I barely knew who the president was. That was a long time ago.

      What pisses me off is the fucking idiots who have been online for years and even more than a decade and STILL haven't got it yet. They'd rather be envious and lazy.

  4. I wish I could say it was epiphanous but it took months before it "clicked". I was VP of the college Democrats society, had some VERY left socialist teachers and advisors, and my boyfriend was a total left liberal.

    Once it "clicked" I had a rough time. My teachers (ones that loved me before) became combative and hateful, I was nearly kicked out of one class for continually questioning my sucked.

    The real epiphany was finding Lew R and the Mises institute around 1998, via LRC. That was when the combination of economics, history and politics (my majors and minors) finally found a coherent system.

    I'm still learning, and teaching. I have a big family, and many of the "younger generation" are now homeschooling, and I help my cousins and in-laws with their studies.

  5. Mike-

    The people that have been online for +15 years live in an echo chamber.

    I read articles from every POV. NYTimes, Counterpunch, HuffPo, etc. and I try to see why they think the way they do.

    Most blind Rs and Ds live in an echo chamber- that is why Ron Paul shook the Republican Party base to the core.