Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Limited Government" Republican Tim Pawlenty Calls for Minimum Wage Increase

 Former Minnesota governor, failed neocon-pandering presidential candidate turned Romney booster, now bankster flunky (SEE: Tim Pawlenty has added his voice to the call for a higher minimum wage!
Another free-market phony once again shows his true statist colors.
(ht Chris Georgacas)

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  1. While I know this will hurt the least skilled, part time workers and small businesses, I potentially could make a substantial amount of money if they do hike it with a big increase in sales which will also increase the value of my business substantially. You will never see me out doing the crony capitalist thing by donating money to groups that want to raise the minimum wage, but silently I'll be cheering them as I stand by to profit from their misguided and harmful goals. I sell hospitality (F&B area mostly) automation solutions which are already booming in sales. A higher minimum with no carve out for waitstaff will drive sales through the roof.

  2. Wow. How about $250.00 an hour and make it illegal for all of us to work in this country? Why stop at $10.10 an hour. Anything to not talk about O bum care.