Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Hold the burgers. Hold the fries. Make my wages super-size."

Apparently Seattle socialist city council member Kshama Sawant thinks minimum wage laws are only a detriment to small businesses.

Sawant was the first to add her signature in support of a faster increase in the minimum wage for firms like McDonald's than for smaller firms, reports KUOW radio in Seattle.

"McDonald's does not need four years to keep its workers at a living wage," she said. "McDonald's has no justification to keep workers in poverty even for a day longer."

"We need to fight to make the phase-in period shorter," Sawant said. "These are not just numbers. These are lives."

Under Mayor Murray's proposal, big businesses like McDonald's would get up to four years to raise their wages. Small businesses would get up to seven years. But activists hope to get tens of thousands of signatures for their initiative to quickly increase Seattle's minimum wage to $15 an hour for larger firms.

Dozen activists outside a Seattle McDonald's chanted, "Hold the burgers. Hold the fries. Make my wages super-size."

An activist ballot initiative would give employees of large businesses an immediate wage hike to $15 an hour -- a 60 percent increase over the current minimum of $9.32 an hour.

The initiative would allow a three-year phase-in for organizations with fewer than 250 full-time employees.

A more accurate chant would have been, "Raise the wages, fry the jobs, take the workers and put them on the unemployment line."


  1. Sweetheart, your motherly skills would be much better served taking care of children instead of trying to be an economist.We adults do not need you to play mommy for us. That's for your children. I can see that you need to mommy someone badly. Please go home and start.

    Still blows me away. $15 an hour? Seriously? Also I'm still amazed that this chick thinks simply issuing a command is going to raise everyone out of poverty? Is she so ignorant that she doesn't realize that maybe someone else has already thought of that lame idea? If it were that easy it would have already been done and succeeded a LONG time ago.

    1. Not sure encouraging her to breed is a better solution either.

  2. Please! Allow Seattle to show the world what the job killing effects would be if this legislation would become law.

    I made a video about these Fast Food Whiners today. The solution is for them to do what I and countless others have done. Move on. If you refuse to meet the requirements of jobs that DO pay better, then simply align your expenses with your income.

  3. Has someone informed her that many big name fast food restaurants are franchises (or some other arrangement) and actually small businesses? Now there are a number of advantages of scale they have of course, but that doesn't mean they can average out local labor costs over a global empire.

  4. "These are not just numbers."

    You dont say!? How did you come to that $15 number? Why stop at $15 lets go straight to $50.

    And why stop at large businesses, how about paying the people who work for you a "living wage". The drones who "work" for you are probably too scared to ask for a raise, they know the favorite word of the Left is PURGES.

  5. This woman is a complete dingbat.

  6. At least some Swiss folks seem to have it figured out:

    I still think the people pushing for this in the US are going to have to learn the hard way. Of course, they're also going to have to have some integrity if they are to learn from their mistake. A catch-22, perhaps.