Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Get Backsatge at Concerts

An EPJ reader recently emailed:
I'm an EPJ Daily Alert subscriber and have a question.  I've seen your posts in the past on the EPJ website of you hanging with celebrities after the Oscars, dating a woman that Shaq was pursuing, etc. etc.  This isn't an economics question but you seem to be a guy that has serious game and a guy that knows how to get things  - so I'm looking for some advice.  Do you have any experience in obtaining backstage passes for concerts, and if so what's the Wenzel method?  I used to know a women with a concierge business - but she is no longer in the business and I'm trying to get backstage to meet a keyboard player coming to Charlotte in July . Do you have any advice on obtaining passes?

I must say, I started reading EPJ and joined the Alert to increase my knowledge about economics and the market - but I absolutely love all of the tid bits you throw out about life, whether it's how you stay safe from muggers walking at night, winning at Three Card Monte, Out Pimping Shaq, or how you are going to go party with celebs and show how the big boys do it after next years Oscars.  I've never been to the People's Republic of SF, but if I ever do - I would love to buy you a beer and hear some of your stories (I don't have tattoos all over my body and I'm not a toothless hooker - so I think I'm good there...)

Anyway - would appreciate any advice you may have so I can add yet another trick to my tool bag for the game of life.  You have been a great resource for many things besides economics and I appreciate all that you do.
I am not a big concert goer, but I did email back:
The best way is to just to get to know people, whether it is the doorman or the stage manager. If it is a band with a lot of equipment get there the day before or the morning of the first show and talk to the roadies that set everything up. 
Also if it is someone that is not too well known email him direct or find out who the band's booking agent is. Just develop the contacts until you find someone that can help you and is willing to do so.
Good luck.
And I just received this update from the reader:
Great advice - emailed him directly and the guy put my name on the list for tickets, and depending on their schedule we will possibly grab a beer.
Thanks so much!  You have so much knowledge and are such a great teacher - I hope some day I can return the favor in some small way.

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  1. One other way is to get there very early and just walk in

    At least that's what I did around 1968-ish with a friend. We took a bus from school and got to the auditorium (Birmingham, Alabama), my friend carrying his guitar and I was carrying...a trombone.

    The bands began to arrive and we struck up conversations with everyone. One of the band members got hungry and asked if I knew anyplace (ANY place...) where we could go for a meal. We all walked down to the Shamrock Diner.

    That's how I had dinner with The Beach Boys and The Buffalo Springfield.