Friday, May 9, 2014

Is Dissing ‘Dynamism’ A Form Of ‘Brutalism?

By Ilana Mercer

Other than lite libertarian Virginia Postrel, who uses the word "dynamism"?

Ms. Postrel is an establishment-endorsed libertarian. A filament of the Postrel faith, expressed in her first book, "The Future and its Enemies," is that all change is good, always. All that glitters is gold was the essence of Ms. Postrel's second manifesto, "The Substance of Style."

Profound fluff.

In any event, the answer to the question about “dynamism” posed above is: neoconservative columnist George Will and a bunch of libertarians on blogtalkradio's "Anarchy Time."

Will was lecturing radio host Laura Ingraham about the “economic dynamism” with which millions of low- or no skill illegal immigrants slated for amnesty will infuse the American workforce. (Harvard economist George Borjas disagrees.)

During a libertarian love-in on, the dynamism concept was floated to diss those who're not as hip about the proven miseries of diversity. "They hate 'dynamism'" was the phrase used 19 minutes into this broadcast. The dynamically deficient are also said to harbor a "xenophobic attachment to the way things are."


Far and away more damning than the use of the cant phrase dynamism is the absence of intellectual oscillation among the participants of this broadcast. This particular anarchist forum conjures Dorothy Parker's immortal words about Jack Kerouac and his buddies: "When they speak at all it is to tell each other how great they are."

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Ilana Mercer is author of Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa. She blogs at BarleyABlog.

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