Thursday, May 15, 2014

Newly Created Federal Reserve Money Hits San Francisco

WSJ reports:
Fast-growing technology companies like Inc.,Dropbox Inc. and LinkedIn Corp. are renting big chunks of office space in towers before they are built, a payoff for developers who bet on this city's boom.

At the beginning of the year, six developments were under way or in advanced planning with a total 2.8 million square feet, none of it leased. Since then, tech companies have committed to 64% of that space as the epicenter of the industry shifts north from Silicon Valley.


  1. I thought Silicon Valley was going to try to become some sort of techno-nation. Implants for everyone! All the transhumanists are salivating, I'm sure.

  2. The only ones who still don’t get it for the large part are the American people. Once Saudi Arabia announces that they will accept other currencies for oil (or God forbid that they will no longer accept dollars), the American people will finally get it. They will “get it” right in the pocketbook which apparently is the only way to get American attention. I would give great odds that within 2 weeks of any Saudi “change of teams” that the dollar will become an international pariah. I also think it highly likely that the “rest of the plan” will come into effect which will be large orders of gold and silver which will not (because they cannot be) be filled. My guess is that $20-$25 billion “dollars” are all that are needed to blow the entire Western financial system to pieces should they be presented for metal. The number is more than likely far less than this …but $25 billion won’t even buy an international ham sandwich in today’s world.

    May 20th is the date folks. Any numbers of announcements after that date can and I believe will finally devastate the U.S. dollar.

  3. The house of saud can be replaced with a "democratic" constitution based government, you know. One that will recognize the human rights of women and homosexuals!