Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Obama's Racist Grandmother and Don Sterling

Jay Stephenson emails:
Do you remember during  the Jeremiah Wright controversy when Obama
threw his white grandmother under the bus and  said she used to make
racist comments about blacks?  I'm wondering if Magic Johnson and the
rest of the anti-Sterling mob believe she's a terrible, hideous
person.  Perhaps this should be investagated and Obama should be
thrown out of office.  After all, Magic Johnson doesn't want any
Sterling family member owning the team.

Barack Obama Throws Grandma Under the Bus


  1. Obama claims he had a white mother, but like everything else he says it is dubious and unverifiable. My theory - which is not entirely baseless - is that both parents were black and the white woman he is claiming to be his mother is not his biological mother. That may be the real reason he has never released his real birth certificate.

  2. Hard to believe Barack on this given that Mrs. and Mr. Dunham were such patriotic officers for the Company as was their daughter Stanley.

    Could he have been talking about his paternal grandmother--i.e. FBI-informant Frank Marshall Davis' mother? Was she a self hater? I wonder how she stands on nature vs. nurture as a determinant for government administered IQ tests.

  3. You don't think Stanley was his mother??

  4. Rudi, I don't think RobertW is doubting his maternity, just the fact that if he (or a Bush, or a Clinton) told me the sky was blue I would have to check. The lies are so thick and bizarre only a fool would take him at his word.

    1. Sorry, I'm sarcastically challenged. But, I'm dead serious when I say the Dunhams were sent to the Pacific to bring peace and goodwill to the brown Indonesians and therefore Barack must have been talking about Mrs. Davis.