Saturday, May 31, 2014

OMG: Rand Paul Suddenly Unsure If Obamacare Should Be Completely Repealed

Typical muddled talk from Rand, but now it is about government involvement in healthcare. This is truly disgusting. The man is a distortion artist. He wants to pretend he is a libertarian so that he keeps the checks rolling from his father's base, but at the same time he distorts the libertarian message to the point it doesn't make any sense. He is doing this, of course, so that he can expand beyond the libertarian base and gain supporters among those who don't know the difference between liberty and a bad toupee.

Think Progress reports on the horror:
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has joined Mitch McConnell in suggesting that Kentucky could maintain its Obamacare exchange if health care reform is repealed, saying that he’s “not sure” if the new marketplace (Kynect) should be unraveled. Paul’s comments come as a growing number of Republicans aim to repackage the key tenets of President Obama’s health care law as unique state solutions, designed and built by state officials far away from Washington D.C.
“There’s a lot of questions that are big questions that are beyond just the exchange and the Kynect and things like that,” Paul said. He reiterated that he would like to “repeal all of Obamacare,” but added, “Can a state still have an exchange? You know we live in a 50-state union so some states could have exchanges. They already did before Obamacare.”
I have said before that Rand would sell out on many issues as we get closer to 2106, but I never expected him to hedge on government involvement in healthcare.


  1. Rand Paul = Jack Kemp

  2. To me it was a given he would hedge. I've been to Louisville several times over the last few years, and the "nuances" of Rand's position become crystal clear when you pass by 500 West Main Street.

  3. Is he pulling a warren buffet or is he playing the game so he at least has a chance to get in and then do something?

    1. It doesn't really matter because if he gets in under false pretenses, there will be nothing meaningful that he can do. The most meaningful thing that can be done is to educate a sufficient portion of the public, exactly what his father has been doing for decades. One does not need to be president to do that, it might even hurt.

      I say all of this painfully. Even though I have no interest in political matters, I supported Rand Paul's senate run thinking that he would carry on Ron Paul's educational activities. I even accepted Rand's request to be on his "finance committee" when he called. However, I no longer take or return calls from his operation. His latest activities have been very disappointing to say the least.