Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Paging Hans Hoppe: Democracy and Growth are Not Interrelated

Dambisa Moyo, author of   Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa spoke Monday at the Investment Management Consultants Association annual conference. reported on her comments:
A major theme was that democracy was no longer a prerequisite for economic development. “Consider Chile, Taiwan, China…these countries show growth and democracy are not interrelated. It is becoming more difficult to convince leaders that democracy is a driver for growth.”
So much for the neocon call for expanding democracy around the world.


  1. As Shepsle and Rabushka demonstrated IN 1972, social democracy in multi-ethnic societies almost always soon leads to ethnic strife, murder and genocide. There are neither firm properties rights nor personal safety. In fact, the only exception to this rule seems to be Switzerland and only because there are so few national "public goods" which tend to reside in the ethnic cantons.

    I'm glad I was able to read the book in January 1973 and warn so many people. Except that none of them understood I word I was saying. Note all of the Amazon comments for this award winning 42 year old book. Do you think that some people can't handle the truth and don't want to think about it?

    1. "Do you think that some people can't handle the truth and don't want to think about it?"

      Of course they don't want to think about it. That would require honesty and courage, something most of the idiot masses don't have. They're sniveling brain dead cowards.

    2. Says the internet tough guy. Laughable.

    3. @Anon

      Why laughable? To get on the net and put down unpopular opinions is an act of bravery far beyond the mass.

      Mike is brave.

    4. LOL, thanks Anon. I needed the laugh this morning.

      Posting libertarian opinions in the comment section of a libertarian-oriented blog is not bravery. Calling everyone "idiots" who disagree with you in every single post doesn't make your argument: it destroys it. Mike's the internet tough guy and you're the internet cheerleader.

  2. The term democracy is always used to mean "representative democracy", and this is because the public does not vote on policy. The public can only vote for people to make policy. Systemically its a flawed notion because of the 600lb agency problem. How is can someone simultaneously represent hundreds or thousands of people? They can't. So the word democracy really doesn't mean what it implies. Its another bait and switch scheme that thwarts any honest discussion of the political process as it exists.

  3. The only democracy that the Neo-Con or their cousins the Neo-Libs believe in is ones where only the Neo votes count. If their candidates does not win then its not a legitimate democracy.