Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Philadelphia Inquirer Endorses Murray Sabrin

MURRAY SABRIN appears to be Republicans' best choice. The finance professor at Ramapo College is a human library of monetary theory and a paragon of libertarian principals. Having been a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2008 and the Libertarian Party nominee for governor in 1997, Sabrin also seems most prepared to carry out a vigorous campaign..

.The proponent of free-market principles opposes the Affordable Care Act, supports a smaller government, and wants to strip down taxes and regulations. But Sabrin says those positions wouldn't keep him from crossing the aisle to work with Democrats, especially when it comes to civil liberties.

Murray also put out this email:
 Last night I spoke at the West Bergen tea party meeting in Wyckoff. During my 10-minute presentation I outlined the specific solutions to create prosperity, downsize the federal government, protect our civil liberties and end the Federal Reserve’s bubble creating policies.

During the Q&A with one of my opponents we answered several questions about campaigning against Cory Booker and other issues of concern to the members of the audience.   A reporter from The Record was in attendance and an article should appear tomorrow about the forum hosted by the West Bergen tea party.

I also was interviewed on an Internet radio show last night, As soon as I know when the segment is posted, I will inform you.

Our two radio commercials are posted on the home page of, where you can still make an investment to have these ads air throughout the state in the waning days of the campaign.  We can reach hundreds of thousand of voters with our message of liberty and free enterprise.

I am profiled in today's edition of The Record ( with the headline, "Sabrin consistently presses for fewer benefits and taxes.”  The sub headline reads “Advocates phasing out Social Security, Medicare, welfare.”  The reporter failed to mention why I have been advocating phasing out the federal government's two major entitlement programs, Social Security and Medicare.  As of now, the profile is not posted online.

To set the record straight, I sent the following letter to the editor this morning.

In his profile of my candidacy (May 28) Herb Jackson reports that I have advocated the phasing out of Social Security and Medicare, but he omits my analysis of why these two programs are financially unstable and have a current unconscionable debt of more than $200 trillion, more than 10 times the official national debt of $17 trillion.

This means that if these two spending programs are not phased out over the next 20-30 years, every young person in America will have to pay between 50%-65% of their total lifetime income just to Uncle Sam.

As good as the intentions were in creating both Social Security and Medicare, they are deeply flawed because they promise more than they can deliver to all Americans.  Therefore, we need to have a civil, adult discussion in the country about how the federal government can keep its promises to current senior citizens and give young adults the opportunity to save and invest for their own retirement based on sound financial principles.

In other words, there are compelling reasons to phase out Social Security and Medicare, not the least of which is removing the unbearable financial burden future generations will face...
With six days to go, our mailers are ready to go highlighting my record as a fiscal conservative, pro civil liberties, noninterventionist advocate, policies that are consistent with the Constitution and in the best interests of the American people.

Your support at this time will allow us to blanket the state with the message that will turn the country away from statism and toward a free society.  Please take a few minutes at to make your investment in restoring free enterprise and limited government.


  1. "But Sabrin says those positions wouldn't keep him from crossing the aisle to work with Democrats, especially when it comes to civil liberties."

    Murray. Please. The Dumbocrats don't give a shit about "civil rights" unless it's some PC protected group. So fuck them.

    1. You beat me to the punch. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Sabrin is obviously making an attempt to appeal to swing voters. It won't work.

      Most voters don't actually think for themselves. They vote for whomever the ruling class tells them to vote for. That would be the typical Welfare/Warfare state race hustler in this case. Booker, the establishment candidate, will win easily.