Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Popcorn Time: Shelly Sterling Accuses NBA of Sexism in Clippers Ownership Fight

Shelly Sterling defended her right to hold onto her stake in the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday, telling NBC’s Savannah Guthrie it's sexist for the NBA to punish her for the actions of her husband, reports LaTi.

Shelly Sterling has made it clear she wants to keep her 50% stake in the team, and told Guthrie in an interview that aired Tuesday on the "Today" show that it was sexist of the league to also force her to sell.

“Would an owner’s wife [who] would say the same thing … would the owner be asked to leave the NBA?” Sterling said. “Or would they say, ‘Well, she’s only the wife.’”

The goofy enforcement action against Donald Sterling for alleged racist remarks has now entered the twilight zone. Is it time we dig into NBA commissioner Adam Silver's life and see if he has ever uttered a negative word about any PC protected group.


  1. Racism, sexism....racism, sexism....racism, sexism....racism, sexism....racism, sexism....racism, sexism....



  2. Charles Barkley calls the women in San Antonio fat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l86TwUqawEo
    Outrage from fat acceptance groups: http://www.tmz.com/2014/05/07/charles-barkley-fat-groups-furious-over-anti-obese-comments/

    Shaq making fun of a mentally retarded person: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/04/29/why-shaq-is-taking-heat-for-posting-this-selfie/

    I await action from Adam Silver...

    1. Another celebrity paid to lose wait by Weight Watchers, who then gains most of the weight back within 2 years.

  3. The fact that Silver is so totally insistent that Shelly Sterling has to go too gives more and more credence to Wenzel's original postings that this was all a giant conspiracy engineered by Magic Johnson's rich friends to try and pry away a LA NBA franchise from an owner who was unwilling to sell.

    This isn't about racism at all. It's a hostile corporate takeover being executed via phony public outrage.

  4. Magic is still denying he wants the team. LMAO.

    and what I dont want is on my tongue constantly as well. This is about a means to mold opinion, nothing more, hence Sterling saying he wont sue the NBA, just content in mentioning the only thing majic does for humanity is ho himself out and poison people

    1. Of course if everyone insists I take over the team. What else could I do?