Sunday, May 18, 2014

Robert Wenzel on The Lions of Liberty Podcast

Recently, Robert Wenzel was a guest on The Lions of Liberty Podcast. Among the topics that were discussed: How Robert became a libertarian and what led him to start his own blog & podcast. Robert then explains his skepticism towards Bitcoin, his views on intellectual property, and why he believes it's important for libertarians to keep a close eye on Rand Paul.


  1. LOL, you brought up the fucking car and book thing again! I cannot believe it!

    And you call it bizarre that anti IP people bring up the fact that you have not been dispossessed of anything!

    You clearly do not understand transfer title theory. Its so hilarious.

    Literally thrilled you are out there spouting this nonsense. There can be no doubt as to your misunderstanding of this matter now.

  2. Still too big of a coward to define theft though. You just call people bizarre that note you have still have your property.

  3. "most popular posts during the last 7 days" doesn't include the one that has 90 comments where you get owned and dodge questions left and right. Why not?

    1. So is your theory that Wenzel has hacked Google's automated visitors tracking system? Or is it perhaps that beyond your voluminous comments at the post nothing is going on at the post, that is, no one is reading your comments?

      Which is it genius?

    2. Are you seriously reduced to posting anonymously wenzel ?

      Explain to me how a post with 7 comments is more popular than one with 90?

  4. How does a broken contract strip the purchaser of his good title?

    Did he never have good title even before he broke his contract?

  5. Where are ppl saying that about North?! These idiots like Mayer wont address the majority problem pointed out by Cornell, the ease of it changing as pointed out by the Chicago Fed, and public transaction logs.

    Good comments on tumblers RW.