Friday, May 30, 2014

Snowden Acts Like a Man – John Kerry Acts Like a Thug

By Shane Kastler

Edward Snowden appeared calm, articulate, and mature. John Kerry on the other hand acted like a spoiled, rich kid – a schoolyard bully questioning the “manhood” of Snowden who he insulted by calling him a coward since he won't immediately come home to face charges. In another sophomoric, juvenile bit of mud slinging Kerry called him stupid. What the jack jawed pompous millionaire government hack doesn't seem to realize is that
Snowden isn't near stupid enough to “come home for his fair trial” because no such “fair trial” would ever take place. Kerry can bluster all he wants; he has access to bombs, tanks, and assassins who will kill whomever he wishes. What does Snowden have? Two things: first he has far more common sense than Kerry, and second he has the truth.

Snowden looked quite impressive during his hour long interview with NBC's Brian Williams. He answered hard questions in a calm, gracious and forthright manner. He repeatedly said, “that's a fair question” when asked of his past or his plans. The idea put forth was that Snowden saw senior level intelligence officials taking upon themselves powers that they were never given. And using it to spy on American citizens carte blanche. Liberties we thought we had were a myth. Privacy amounted to nothing. And Snowden did something about it.

When asked why he didn't simply go to his supervisors with his concerns he said he did. Repeatedly. And the NSA should have the emails to prove it. The basic response he got was to stop asking questions. Others implied that they knew it was wrong; but for their own safety they should keep quiet. Snowden eventually figured out that the government he worked for was not the benevolent do-gooder it claimed to be. They were corrupt. They were wicked. And they were spying on everyone in Soviet KGB-like fashion.

Snowden started the process of taking files that could be leaked to news organizations for publication. He says he took things that would not risk lives or cause personal harm to anyone. When pressed by Williams, he said the things you've seen in the news are obviously the type of things I leaked. While the government has made some wild accusations none of them can be proven; and if these deep dark secrets had been given to the press the press would have wasted no time running them.

Corporate whistle blowers are frequently intimidated and silenced. How much more so when you blow the whistle on the United States government, which is one of the largest spy systems in the world. Most Americans are “rah-rah” when they think we're spying on the “Commies” but how about when you find out Obama's goons are reading your text messages? The flag-waving furor subsides just a little bit. Snowden did us a favor by telling us what our dictators are up to. As he stated, numerous government entities have had to change policies based on information Snowden leaked. They really were doing things wrong; but its easier to forget that and make Snowden the scape goat. The problem for them is, he's not going quietly into the night.

“Sometimes the “right” thing is not the “legal” thing” was a statement he made near the end of the interview; and I knew exactly what he meant. If a kid is drowning in a lake and you're standing next to a sign that says “No Swimming!” What do you do? Answer: you break the law and save the kid. When painted into a corner you have to consider the matter of the greater good and act accordingly. Letting the chips fall where they may, which is what Snowden has done. There's a mighty dear price you pay for standing up to “Uncle Sam” and his bully goons like John Kerry. But the Federal government’s gang of rouge outlaws need to be stopped. Here's to hoping other Edward Snowdens are out there now, determining whether or not they'll act like men and yet be called a coward by the biggest coward of them all John Kerry. Name-calling is the petty task of the 8th grade bully. Taking on a corrupt government is the job of a man. Maybe someday Snowden can get back to work in his office; and Kerry can get back to the playground where he belongs.

Shane Kastler is Pastor at the Heritage Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA and Co-Host; "Church & State" KELB Radio, 100.5 FM. He blogs at The Narrow Road.


  1. Edward Snowden is not the champion that you are hoping for.

  2. "Edward Snowden is not the champion that you are hoping for."

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not looking for "the champion" but rather for many people to come forward and expose government criminality at all levels. Snowden is, IMHO, a wonderful example of what people of integrity and courage should be doing.

    Is your position that government law-breaking in secret should not be revealed?

    1. Like Robert has posited many times already, none of the Snowden leaks have been that damaging to the state at all. There is no smoking gun. It was already public knowledge that AT&T had let the feds tap into their mainline. Where the "Apache Video" of the NSA abuses? What, some of the analyst spied on their girlfriends? Big deal. Where is the evidence that they are gathering dirt on politicians and business leader? Where is the evidence of the parallel construction? Do we really believe that the information they are syphoning has no corporate espionage value? It's all been way too vanilla for me to buy it.

  3. "Taking on the government" is asinine. This is some mighty fine chest-beating bravado, but in the end plays right into the usual Snowden idolization in libertarian circles. The information Snowden released was hardly earth-shattering; anyone with a cursory knowledge of government and technology could've told you they were accessing your communication (to include your physical mail). The fact that this comes as such a shock says more about the ignorance of the American public than it does the government.

    What's worse is that professing Christians are involving themselves in the activity of this pagan government in a misguided attempt to reform it. Reform starts at the heart of every individual, not by "taking on the government." The reason this government is in the state it's in is because the US is yet another disobedient, sinful nation; this nation is getting exactly what it deserves. God holds the hearts of the kings in his hand and will turn them whichever way he wills. This can be for praise of an obedient people, or it can be for rebuke of a sin-filled nation such as the US. Christian churches in the US are filled with unbelievers just playing the part; they give God's commands lip service only. You think this doesn't offend God? Christians focus more on petitioning their idol--government--than they do on petitioning their God through the bending of the knee and prayer these days. The fire in the hearts of professing Christians has been largely extinguished. Did the apostles win souls by reforming the pagan government of their time or did they get out there and confront the real problem face to face? The real problem being the hardened, blackened hearts of individuals (regardless of their national affiliation) still under bondage to the devil. Let the pagans have their pagan government. God will deal with them. As Christians, you have your marching orders and that's where your focus should be. A goal of every Christian should be to make his name known in Hell. As in Acts 19:15, "And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?" Don't lose sight of what's really important for some worldly conflict, lest your flame also be extinguished.

    1. You raise many good points. Lots of Christians are too focused on the here and now. But you seem to hold to an ultra-isolationist view that couldn't be justified by Scripture. On at least 2 occasions the Apostle Paul invoked his Roman citizenship as a “right” to avoid unjust punishment. On one occasion he even used the judicial system of his day to “appeal to Caesar.” (Acts 25:11) So Christians do have a Biblical precedent for governmental involvement on some level. Not to mention Old Testament saints Esther and Daniel who both were used by God within a “pagan” government system to bring about His holy will.

    2. here is your problem

      its a problem that been around for a while isn't it.

    3. Paul's appeal to Caesar in Acts 25:11 had nothing to do with reforming the pagan government; he wasn't advocating for new laws, "rights," policies, or political revolutions. He was simply appealing the Jews' unproven complaints made against him, which he had no choice but to do (note Festus COMMANDED Paul to be brought to court). You aren't being brought up on serious charges. This assertion fails.

      I would recommend you read the work of the ante-Nicene fathers for an enlightening view of how the early church fathers viewed the idea of mixing the kingdom of God with the kingdoms of this world.

    4. The state is just a superstition.

    5. You said: “Paul wasn't advocating for new laws, "rights," policies, or political revolutions.”
      Most libertarians aren't advocating for new laws or rights either. But rather an abolishment of the laws that squelch the God-given “rights” of the individual. Your assertion that Paul is “simply appealing the Jews' unproven complaints made against him, which he had no choice but to do” is simply incorrect. Paul most certainly DID have a choice as to whether or not he would appeal to Caesar; and he chose to do it. Earlier you said Christians have no business “involving themselves in the activity of this pagan government” yet that's exactly what Paul DID do. (Too bad he didn't have you around to set him straight). You also said, “You aren't being brought up on serious charges.” No, but Snowden is. That's the whole point of the article. Christians (at least of a libertarian, anarcho type) aren't seeking to “reform a pagan government” - But rather, they seek to end its tyrannical reign.

  4. Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden would not get a fair trial – and Kerry is wrong

    Edward Snowden is the greatest patriot whistleblower of our time, and he knows what I learned more than four decades ago: until the Espionage Act gets reformed, he can never come home safe and receive justice

    John Kerry's challenge to Snowden to return and face trial is either disingenuous or simply ignorant that current prosecutions under the Espionage Act allow no distinction whatever between a patriotic whistleblower and a spy. Either way, nothing excuses Kerry's slanderous and despicable characterizations of a young man who, in my opinion, has done more than anyone in or out of government in this century to demonstrate his patriotism, moral courage and loyalty to the oath of office the three of us swore: to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

  5. Fixed:

    "Snowden Acts Like a Man – John Kerry Acts Like a Pathetic Little Coward"

  6. John Kerry *is* a thug. Just like any other government functionary. Why would he behave as a decent man?