Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Current State of America

From Hollywood Reporter:

The woman at the other end of Clippers owner Donald Sterling's recorded racist rant is also helping to boost sales of the same sort of paparazzi-shielding visors that she's fond of wearing.

New York City-based SAINTCHiC says sales of visors like the one V. Stiviano wears have skyrocketed over the past week, estimating that they've increased by 600 percent. Store owner Gingie McLeod tells The Hollywood Reporter that before Stiviano was photographed sporting a visor similar to the ones they sell, they barely sold any, moving just four every three months. Now, they're selling more than 100 a day.


  1. Angry protesters now have a Guy Fawkes substitute. <3Market.

  2. Somebody's math is off. If they were selling 4 every 3 months and now they're selling 100+/day that would be closer to 3000% growth!

  3. The Current State of America

    Early Tap of 401(k) Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank

    Premature withdrawals from retirement accounts have become America’s new piggy bank, cracked open in record amounts during lean times by people like Cindy Cromie, who needed the money to rent a U-Haul and start a new life.

    Her employer, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, had outsourced Cromie’s medical transcription work. Cromie said the move cut her income by as much as 60 percent, at times leaving her with minimum-wage pay.

    So, last year, at age 56, she moved about 90 miles from her home in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, into her mother’s basement. To make ends meet as she moved and then quit the job, Cromie pulled out $2,767 from her retirement savings.


  4. Covington & Burling might want to buy some:)

    Crisis of Confidence in U.S. Justice Department Grows

    Last Wednesday, Covington & Burling announced it was hiring Mythili Raman, the woman who became head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division when Breuer stepped down. Raman will be getting something of a “welcome home” greeting at Covington. In addition to Breuer, according to the American Bar Association Journal, Raman will be joining former Justice Department colleagues Steven Fagell, former deputy chief of staff at the criminal division; Jim Garland, former deputy chief of staff to Attorney General Eric Holder; and Dan Suleiman, former deputy chief of staff to Breuer.

    Raman is said to have intimate knowledge of the Justice Department’s criminal investigations of Wall Street banks for Libor wrongdoing as well as its more recent investigations over the rigging of foreign currency exchange rates. That knowledge is a valuable commodity at a law firm representing Wall Street.


  5. Big Brother is Coming…To Your Brokerage Account

    It now appears the status quo is moving to destroy any last semblance of privacy with regard to your personal brokerage accounts. Yep, in the name of "stopping fraud" and the practices of unscrupulous brokers, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) wants to launch a program called Cards, or the Comprehensive Automated Risk Data System. This electronic system sounds a lot like the so-called metadata the NSA is collecting on everyone's internet usage. This "robocop" would collect a weekly "record of activity at all of the more than 4,100 brokerage firms nationwide."

    For your own good of course. Oh, and yeah, to stop terrorists or something...

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    In December, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which oversees how investments are sold, proposed what it calls Cards, an electronic system that would regularly collect data on balances and transactions in brokerage accounts.

    If adopted, Cards would revolutionize how regulators do their jobs and could make it harder for unscrupulous brokers to bilk customers.

    Give me a fucking break. The last thing the establishment cares about is stopping fraud. Fraud is the number one driver of American GDP at the moment. It is institutionalized, protected and endorsed. This is about nothing more than destroying your financial privacy.


  6. Fire marshal accused of using N-word to refer to concert attendees

    A fire division chief used a racial slur in a staff meeting, an email complaint alleges.

    While discussing plans about Jacksonville’s Welcome to Rockville concert festival, Fire Marshal Kevin Jones used the N-word to refer to concert attendees, saying “if those [expletive] try to put more than that in the park, they will have to deal with me,” according to a written complaint.

    News4Jax obtained an email from the city that detailed the complaint against Jones by a fellow firefighter.

    “This was very offensive to me as a black man because of all the racial issues going on within the JFRD,” wrote engineer Stephen A. Crooms.

    Fire Chief Martin Senterfitt said Jones, who is a black man, is an example of the fire department’s diversity. With that diversity, though, comes different cultural backgrounds, he said.

    “As a community that recognizes diversity, just because people speak or use terminology or street slang that we may not recognize or be part of, that doesn’t mean we automatically attack them for it,” he said. “We have to recognize not everybody’s the same.”

    The investigation will need to determine whether Jones used the N-word and whether he used it maliciously or not, Senterfitt said.
    i wonder who's going to bid on the fire department?