Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Farce Is Complete: Joe Biden's Son Joins Board Of Largest Ukraine Gas Producer

Burisma press release:

Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, has expanded its Board of Directors by bringing on Mr. R Hunter Biden as a new director.

R. Hunter Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations. On his new appointment, he commented: “Burisma’s track record of innovations and industry leadership in the field of natural gas means that it can be a strong driver of a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, Mr. Alan Apter, noted: “The company’s strategy is aimed at the strongest concentration of professional staff and the introduction of best corporate practices, and we’re delighted that Mr. Biden is joining us to help us achieve these goals.”

R. Hunter Biden is a counsel to Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, a national law firm based in New York, USA, which served in cases including “Bush vs. Gore”, and “U.S. vs. Microsoft”. He is one of the co-founders and a managing partner of the investment advisory company Rosemont Seneca Partners, as well as chairman of the board of Rosemont Seneca Advisors. He is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s Masters Program in the School of Foreign Service.

Mr. Biden has experience in public service and foreign policy. He is a director for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, The Center for National Policy, and the Chairman’s Advisory Board for the National Democratic Institute. Having served as a Senior Vice President at MBNA bank, former U.S. President Bill Clinton appointed him an Executive Director of E-Commerce Policy Coordination under Secretary of Commerce William Daley. Mr. Biden served as Honorary Co-Chair of the 2008 Obama-Biden Inaugural Committee.

Mr. Biden is a member of the bar in the State of Connecticut, and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Court of Federal Claims. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, and a J.D. from Yale Law School.

R. Hunter Biden is also a well-known public figure. He is chairman of the Board of the World Food Programme U.S.A., together with the world’s largest humanitarian organization, the United Nations World Food Programme. In this capacity he offers assistance to the poor in developing countries, fighting hunger and poverty, and helping to provide food and education to 300 million malnourished children around the world.

Company Background:

Burisma Holdings is a privately owned oil and gas company with assets in Ukraine and operating in the energy market since 2002. To date, the company holds a portfolio with permits to develop fields in the Dnieper-Donets, the Carpathian and the Azov-Kuban basins. In 2013, the daily gas production grew steadily and at year-end amounted to 11.6 thousand BOE (barrels of oil equivalent – incl. gas, condensate and crude oil), or 1.8 million m3 of natural gas. The company sells these volumes in the domestic market through traders, as well as directly to final consumers.

(Headine via ZeroHedge)


  1. I thought they usually hid these things better.

    I guess they are still trying to piss off the Russians. If a massacre doesn't do it, raise the price of their natural gas. Do they buy natural gas?

    Massacre, not covered here, or seemingly anywhere else, properly. http://cccp-revivel.blogspot.com/2014/05/how-the-thugs-killed-dessa-inhabitants-in-the-trade-unions-house-the-details-of-bloody-scenario.html?m=1

  2. Alleged fraudulent hedge fund associated with the Vice President’s family harasses blogger

    The first marketing document however identified a supposed prime broker as Citigroup. I wrote to citigroup several times – and spoke to senior people in their government relations area and told Citigroup the entire story. I believe that Citigroup did not react appropriately to a fraud committed in their name.

    Anyway I will save you the suspense. All of this would not be the biggest story on my blog except that Ponta Negra is marketed out of the office of Paradigm Global – a fund of hedge funds owned and controlled by Hunter Biden and James Biden. Hunter and James are the son and brother of Vice President Joe Biden respectively.

    You can find this several ways.


  3. White House says no issue with Biden's son, Ukraine gas company

    (Reuters) - The White House on Tuesday brushed aside questions about whether the involvement of Vice President Joe Biden's son in a Ukrainian natural gas company raised ethical issues at a time when the administration is promoting energy diversity in the country.


  4. Hunter Biden & The Carlyle Group: Ukrainian Gasbags

    Business Insider reported:

    Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been appointed to the board of directors of Ukraine's largest private-gas producer. The company, Burisma Holdings, announced Biden's appointment on its website Tuesday.

    Ex-lobbyist Hunter Biden has had many jobs, including a PEU position with Rosemont Capital's Real Estate arm.

    Western energy companies want to turn Ukraine's energy business their way and Hunter Biden is in a unique position to facilitate such.

    The Carlyle Group had the chops to get ethanol mandates dropped. This came from another Pennsylvania Biden connection, Philadelphia Energy Systems.

    Carlyle's European energy chief is extremely bullish and I can see why. The EU could be one gigantic money funnel for Carlyle