Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Magic of Magic Johnson?

During a recent interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Donald Sterling stated that Magic Johnson was no role model for black youth. Indeed, all indications are that the married Johnson is quite promiscuous and that it was likely unprotected sex with strangers that eventually resulted in him becoming HIV infected. Johnson wrote in his autobiography My Life:
You were definitely taking a chance when you brought a strange woman up to your room. That’s because a few of them really were strange. . . . For one thing, the women weren’t as beautiful as they had seemed at first glance. For another, it eventually became clear they weren’t women at all — they were men in drag.
Johnson was a great basketball player and I enjoyed watching him on the court, especially his battles against Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics. He is also a pretty shrewd businessman (Though I question his aliance   with Michael Milken's related Guggenheim Partners). And I really don't care who the hell Johnson is taking up to his hotel rooms. But Sterling has a point, any guy having unprotected sex with strangers is no role model for youth.


  1. The PC-police decreed several years ago that HIV is something that randomly happens to you based entirely due to bad luck. To imply anything else is to be anti-gay for some reason.

  2. AIDS is a scam.

  3. I like how you threw the "unprotected" in there.... Perhaps that is the second most important word (besides strangers) in the sentence?

    ; )