Monday, May 12, 2014

The Real Story Behind Rand Paul's Gun Lobbying Letter

Mike Weisser writes that is is all about Mike Rothfeld mail campaign, yes this Mike Rothfeld, and that it will damage Rand in the long run:
Last week NRA members, myself included, received a letter from Senator Rand Paul, asking us to donate to The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), an organization which, according to its website, is the fastest-growing gun rights organization in the United States....

In addition to tirelessly sending out fundraising appeals, the NAGR also has an affiliated PAC which ostensibly lobbies in Washington on issues involving gun rights. In a press release of October, 2013, Brown claimed that his group spent more than $1 million and "led the effort against gun control" on Capitol Hill. But I'm not sure if the money spent by NAGR went into political campaigns, or lobbying efforts, or is being spent primarily on phony and misleading fundraising appeals like the one I recently received. I took a look at NAGR's tax return for 2010, and of the $1.6 million in revenue for that year, direct lobbying was $118,000 but nearly $1 million went for internet marketing and direct mail. And I'll bet that most of that dough was paid to Saber Communications whose owner, Michael Rothfield, sits on the NAGR Board.
The attempt to generate income for a for-profit PR operation by chasing gun owners for donations hasn't escaped the attention of gun folks, many of whom consider NAGR to be nothing more than a fundraising scam. Gun owners tend to be careful with their money, so comments made about NAGR on such gun blogs as,Smith & Wesson Forum and Gun Broker Forum. Com should alert Senator Paul to the fact that a population he considers to be solidly in his corner won't be there much longer if he doesn't polish up his act and stop allowing the NAGR to use his name just to enlarge the revenues of a privately-held PR firm.


  1. Dump NAGR and support the NRA and GOA.

  2. Who cares about this crap?

  3. The NRA sucks, too. The only dc group that never compromises is the GOA. They proudly have a picture of Ron Paul saying just that in their Facebook and newsletter material. In fact, they just sent out a newsletter to 300k plus people quoting Tom woods and urging nullification of gun laws. The NRA would never, ever do that in a million years.