Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Rand Paul Told a Close Associate of Sheldon Adelson about Israel

NYT reports:
Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America and a close associate of Mr. Adelson’s, said that when he pressed Mr. Paul to explain his position on aid to Israel in a recent meeting in the senator’s Washington office, Mr. Klein left reassured. “He said if there was a vote and for any reason it seemed like it was actually going to be close, he would vote for it,” Mr. Klein said.

And the NYT reports:
[A]t a private dinner with military brass and former diplomats, he left the impression that he knew he must evolve.

“What I did come away with was he is in fact moving away from his father,” said Charles G. Boyd, a retired four-star general in the Air Force. “He’s searching for his own footing. He senses he needs to be different.”

Some observers say this is the evolution of a savvy politician with presidential ambitions. Mr. Paul says it is more like a slow reveal. “I’ve been expressing gradually where my foreign policy is,” he said. “Foreign policy isn’t set in stone. It isn’t either-or. And it isn’t always right or wrong.”


  1. “Foreign policy isn’t set in stone. It isn’t either-or. And it isn’t always right or wrong.”

    Sen Rand Paul's view then falls under "spineless opportunism".

    1. I expect nothing less from a politician. I've worked in/around government, and most people you meet end up falling under that category. Eventually, I had a religious moment and the Lord revealed to me the types of people I was really associating with in said position. In the process, He also outted many of the "Christians" I knew in government (these people were only "Christians" when they thought it would benefit them in some twisted social standing). To be fair though, that's also true outside government.

  2. I wonder how Jack Hunter will continue to shill for Rand. He is being sold by Jack as a great libertarian savior. He dismisses these betrayals as Rand just playing the game. Jack has already lost most of his credibility. What little credibility he has left is going to be in convincing people that Rand is very much like Ron when it is clear to people who haven't guzzled the Kool Aid that this isn't true.

  3. And it will only get worse, if and when he officially runs for the office.

  4. Rand's statement must make his father proud !!! I will support Dr. Ron Paul till the end. I cannot say that about his son Rand.

  5. Rand has already been voting against foreign aid when the votes were close. He has also been introducing amendments to reduce or modify the aid and some of these votes were not only were close, they passed. This "quote" is bogus. Wow, only an idiot would believe what an anonymous zionist says.

  6. Rand was explaining that if if his amendment were to reduce foreign aid instead of eliminate it, then the vote might be closer and he would vote for it. That's probably what Rand said, and then the 2nd-hand statement was either deliberately twisted or unintentionally garbled.

  7. His only purpose, though he is too tragically dumb and ambitious to realize, is to kill the libertarian groundswell his father so heroically established.

  8. The statement by Klein is obvious disinformation. Wake up people.