Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why David Stern Never Hired Richard Lapchick...

My how things have changed under the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver. As I reported earlier today, he has gone out and hired the "diversity" expert Richard Lapchick. (SEE:  OMG NBA Hires an Expert on Diversity and Ethics in Sport)

NYT in 2011 explained why David Stern never hired Lapchick:
Lapchick said he began receiving more cooperation in the years after Bud Selig and Roger Goodell became commissioners of M.L.B. and the N.F.L. But Commissioner David Stern, whose N.B.A. has historically received higher grades than the other leagues, argued that Lapchick’s good intentions — when carried to routine — missed the essential aim of fair-minded employment.

“If an enterprise is committed to getting the best work force, which means being an equal-opportunity employer and not limiting its potential talent pool,” Stern said, “then it shouldn’t be perceived as quote-unquote better if its increases its diversity/gender head count — for that matter if it decreases. If a job is open, and all candidates have a chance to compete, should the employer be praised or criticized based on the outcome of that search? I think not.”
Stern is, of course, correct. What strange direction is the obsessively  politically correct Silver taking the NBA? If the NBA owners have any sense, they will boot Silver, the first chance they get.


  1. Translation: If the NBA takes Lapchick's nonsense seriously, the NBA will have to hire a bunch of white guys and fire a bunch of black guys.

  2. Go Silver Go! I hate the NBA.

  3. Richard Lapchick is a racist plain and simple. His ridiculous rants have been going on for 25 years. You cannot even make the beginnings of sense out of his rants except to note that "whitey is bad". Read any of his writings in the Sporting News as it devolved into a pathetic shell of itself over the last ten years. Of course Mr. Lapchick has parlayed all of this into millions of dollars for himself.