Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Peek Inside the Office of David Brat

Politico is running a series of pictures from David Brat's office  at Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Virginia, where he is a professor.

They tell an interesting story.

It seems he has a sense of humor:

This is not encouraging:

He appears to be a big John Allison fan. I read Allison's book and am not such a big fan. See my review: A Dangerous New Book from the Head of the Cato Institute

Brat's Rand collection is not surprising given his fondness for the Allison book. Allson is a hard core warmongering Ayn Rand fan. SEE: Panic Inside Cato Over a Potential War Hawk Turn. But it doesn't appear that those Rand books have been cracked. Note also that in the pile to the right there is a Peter Schiff book and a Tom Dilorenzo book:

In this pile, we have more Ayn Rand books (He must be giving them away.)


(ht Bob Roddis)

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  1. This is exactly why it is so difficult to get anyone of character and substance into the political sphere: the media anal exam. Anyone of true character and substance is going to have peccadillos, idiosyncrasies and maybe even some skeletons. One thing is for certain: a Thomas Jefferson or a George Washington would never be elected today. Heck: the Republican establishment would never even allow them to get on the ballot.