Thursday, June 19, 2014

Audio Tape Emerges of Donald Sterling Rant

TMZ has a copy of the voicemail messages left by Donald Sterling to psychiatrists that examined him (SEE: Ruling On Donald Sterling Wife's Attempt to Get Emergency Protection From Him)

To me, he sounds rational and with legitimate outrage and complaints.


  1. Sounds like some righteous anger to me.

  2. Given how he's been attacked both by a close confidant and by a league of power brokers, it hurts me to hear how he put his trust that the appointed psychiatrist would be legitimate. Was this a case of a court-appointed psychiatrist to prove his competency? No one is neutral. Never assume they are. Once you are in their sites, no one you're asked to meet with or nothing you're asked to do can be neutral. Be circumspect, Sterling. While you're under attack, any claim to legitimacy is a ruse.