Friday, June 13, 2014

AWESOME: Donald Sterling Has Hired Teams of Detectives to Dig Up Dirt on NBA Owners and Commissioners

 Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's team of lawyers has hired four private investigation firms to dig up "dirt" on the NBA's former and current commissioners and its 29 other owners, a source confirmed to

This is great news. It is good to see Sterling in the fight. It is absolutely outrageous the manner in which the creepy new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has treated Sterling after his private comments were illegally recorded and released to the public.

It is time the politically correct crowd, where Silver is apparently a high chief, gets their due for their intimidation tactics. Never mess with a guy, who won't stand for intimidation.

I just made a couple of calls to some friends in the investigation industry, the obvious dirt is there on more than a couple of owners. Depending on which direction Sterling wants to go, the dirt is also available on a star owner.

Back in May, I wrote:
 What strange direction is the obsessively  politically correct Silver taking the NBA? If the NBA owners have any sense, they will boot Silver, the first chance they get.
Silver is a creep, who has just put  himself, the NBA and every owner in jeopardy. He's a one term commissioner, if he lasts that long.


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  1. Ut oh, I hope Sterling backs off. Otherwise as Tricky Dick used to say, "This whole bay-of-pigs thing could bet opened up again" and that could be big trouble for yours truly--from Hopsickers latest:

    "Sterling’s choice of Ramy El Batrawi as “Humanitarian of the Year” remains unexplained. Whether the plane (a DC-9; N12ONE) he ‘donated’ to the rogue drug operation in Tampa had anything to so with it remains unknown.

    "Yet to hide that transaction, the DC-9 wase first was sold to Finova Corp., an admitted CIA front company in Phoenix and Toronto. Only then was it passed forward to Tampa.

    "Ramy El Batrawi represents the prototype of what a polished international gangster will look like during the rest of the 21st Century.

    "Owing to his birth in Geneva, Switzerland, he exemplifies the bloodless idea that electronic transfers between anonymous accounts is somehow the new face of “transnational organized crime.”

    "And he’s not an American, which means he can be used by U.S. intelligence services with the same added cushion of plausible deniability that made Dutch national Rudi Dekkers such an attractive asset in the years before the 9/11 attack."

  2. Don't worry, the media will assure us that he just randomly dropped dead of a heart attack. Natural causes. No autopsy necessary!