Tuesday, June 24, 2014


By Joe Coscarelli

“This list has about 2,800 entries you should find useful in your work or for keeping up with your children and/or grandchildren,” reads an 83-page glossary of “Twitter Shorthand” complied by the FBI. (To give you an idea of how out of touch it is, the report also cites MySpace as a social-media venue where the terms might be used.) The so-called “leetspeak” dictionary was obtained by an intrepid journalist at MuckRock via Freedom of Information Act request, and is a hilarious, bloated document in the war on cybercrime. Beyond the basics (LOL, YOLO), it features many unruly and worthless acronyms we’ve never seen before and can say with some level of certainty an FBI agent never will either.
For example:
1. ALOTBSOL (“always look on the bright side of life”)
2. BFFLTDDUP (“best friends for life until death do us part”)
3. BMGWL (“busting my gut with laughter”)
4. BOGSAT (“bunch of guys sitting around talking”)
5. BTDTGTTSAWIO (“been there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out”)
6. BTWITIAILWU or BTWITIAILWY (“by the way I think I am in love with you”)
7. DFLA (“disenhanced four-letter acronym”)
8. DITYIM (“did I tell you I’m depressed?”)
9. DWISNWID (“do what I say not what I do”)
10. FMDIDGAD (“frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”)
11. FMTYEWTK (“far more than you ever wanted to know”)
12. GNSTDLTBBB (“good night sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite”)
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