Friday, June 13, 2014

Buy A Koch Brother's Aspen Vacation House for Just $89.9 Million

One of the "quiet" Koch brothers, William, who seems to stay out of most politics, unlike David and Charles, has just listed his Aspen vacation home. The 32,614-square-foot mansion is going for $89.9 million.

Ski.curbed writes:
Formerly a wedding venue, there aren't many details on how Mr. Koch fancied up the place after he did away with the wedding cakes and converted it into his private vacation home. The listing reveals that there are plenty of outdoor activities (bicycling, hiking, 4-wheeling) and that the 55-acre compound also comes with 9 other buildings and a state of the art gym. The Aspen Daily News, who broke the story, reports that the interior is tasteful and intimate with a "wrapped bannister made of leather near the main entrance." We can't quite picture what an $89.9 million leather bannister looks like and there are currently only exterior shots of this potentially record-breaking home.

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  1. call charlie...he may be going on vacation.

    Is Charlie Rangel the Next to Go? 22-Term New York Democrat Faces Serious Primary Threat

    So while Democratic pundits may be laughing at the “civil war” within the Republican Party, they better look in their own backyard. Anti-Wall Street and anti-crony capitalism as a political issue isn’t just big within the GOP, it is set to take American politics by storm in general. Just ask Charlie Rangel, who faces a tough primary from Dominican born Adriano Espaillat in the primary. In fact, he is under so much heat, he pulled out of the final debate at the last minute. The Huffington Post reported yesterday that:

    Something new is happening in a New York Democratic primary contest: An incumbent is getting hit for being too close to Wall Street.

    The unlucky congressman is Rep. Charles Rangel, who was called out by challenger Adriano Espaillat during a recent debate for a vote to water down Wall Street reform. Espaillat, a state senator, has been hammering Rangel for weeks over his ties to the financial industry. On Thursday night, Rangel pulled out of the final debate before the election.