Wednesday, June 11, 2014

David Brat's Campaign Manager is a Lew Rockwell Fan

Zachary Werrell is just one of two paid staffers for the campaign of  David Brat, reports Yahoo. Brat just beat out House Majority leader Eric Cantor for the Republican nomination for the seat that is now Cantor's.

On a recently scrubbed Facebook page, in addition to many references to articles, Werrell called for an end to the regulation of prescription drugs, citing a story from the Ludwig von Mises Institute. “Abolish the FDA!” he wrote.

Werrell served as a volunteer and canvasser for Ron Pauls' presidential primary campaigns in 2008 and 2012, according to his Facebook bio, which also lists under "favorite quotations" Barry Goldwater's famous statement: "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

In his current Twitter profile, Werrell describes himself as an "Austrian Economics geek."

He sounds like a great mole, remember, Brat is a Chicago school guy.

Tom DiLorenzo comments:
The “mainstream” media is already acting like he’s hidden a dead body in his trunk.
(Thanks the many EPJ readers who sent me the story.)


  1. The smoking gun! They have screen shots of his facebook page! We still don't know hardly anything about Barrack Obama prior to when he was elected a Senator from Illinois. Let em' talk though. I'd love to see Lew's new book climb on amazon.

  2. The Facebook screenshots are pretty moderate. Lol the media will latch onto whatever driftwood they can while they swirl around the widening gyre.

  3. He did link to the Fred Reed article that really pissed Jeff tucker and Cathy whineowitz went ballistic over.

    Anti illegal immigration combined with Austrian Econ is my kind of guy! Ron Paul's effects are still humiliating the establishment! Too bad his idiotic son decided to support amnesty the day after the majority leader was blown out in a primary for the first time in history!

    1. Like pretty much all economists, Austrian economists recommend free trade, including free immigration. I would suggest learning some more Austrian economics before attacking someone while invoking its name.

    2. You mean like Murray Rothbard, Gary North, and Hoppe? I would suggest learning what said austrian economists actually say on the matter before attacking someone who is aware of their views.

      Free trade does not equal free immigration. If we did not have a nation state with a giant welfare policy and democracy enabling people to vote out rights and property of the minority, I would have zero problem with free immigration. But I think Hoppe or Rothbard were right to oppose the type of immigration as advocated by bloomberg, obama, zuckerberg, schumer, and every far left group in the nation.


      Rothbard explains why he is against the open borders treason lobby