Monday, June 16, 2014

Donald Sterling Dating Young Black Girl

Donald Sterling is dating a young black girl. Although this may appear to be something of a PR move, Sterling does like young women and it seems he prefers dark haired women over blue-eyed blondes, so this is not an onerous task that he has set for himself.

Radar has the details:
According to an eyewitness, Sterling, 80, checked into the JW Marriott resort in Palm Desert, Calif. on Friday evening and was all over a new woman — not his alleged ex-mistress V Stiviano or estranged wife Shelly Sterling.

“Donald checked into the Marriott on Friday and was with a new much-younger girlfriend,” the spywitness told Radar.

“He didn’t seem to have a care in the world and it looked pretty clear why that chick was with him. They were being really affectionate with each other.”

In the photos obtained by Radar, Sterling is seen in black pants and a simple black t-shirt checking into the hotel with a young lady in denim shorts and a pink shirt.

A second eyewitness tells Radar they saw Sterling shopping with his new gal pal earlier in the day on June 13 at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Desert.

“He was shopping at Saks with a new black girl,” the eyewitness told Radar.

A libertarian I know, who has sometimes been smeared as a racist, once told me that in his younger days he dated a black girl. I told him he should dig up some old pics and I would run them at EPJ and let the Southern Poverty Law Center deal with that.



  1. Pics like that are just proof of internalized white supremacy, according to virtually every college's mandatory diversity training.

    Haven't you heard of 'white privilege', RW?

    1. In their twisted minds, if you date a black chick you're a racist. If you don't date a black chick you're a racist. That's how the PC mind works. It's all political BS.

    2. You're so angry, Mike. Chillax man, it's all good. Your blood pressure must be through the roof. That's how they win, you see. They kill you with your own stress. Deep breaths.

    3. Either way, people will be labeled racist. But I don't think dating a black girl proves anything either. it could be he actually loves her, it could be a fetish. Who knows.

  2. Cops can access your connected home data

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    "If a lot of information is flowing out of your home, it provides a window into the things you're doing in your private space," he added.