Saturday, June 21, 2014

Early Morning Price Inflation: Starbucks to Raise Prices

Starbucks is raising prices on some of its drinks by 5 to 20 cents starting this coming week, and customers can also soon expect to pay $1 more for the packaged coffee it sells in supermarkets.

So much for lefty corporate apologists for the state.

In March, CEO Howard Schultz said during an interview with Fox Business that Starbucks had no intentions of raising its prices.

"We can manage this, we have over a year's worth of protection," Schultz said at the time. "I suspect that most of our competitors are short, and we are in a much better position than they are."

Starbucks Corp. said the price increases in its cafes will kick in Tuesday and vary depending on the region.

Prices for medium and large brewed coffees, which are known as grande and venti, respectively, will go up 10 or 15 cents in most U.S. markets, Starbucks said.


(Via the SF Chronicle)

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