Saturday, June 14, 2014


Paul Krugman's wife hates the readers of Krugman's blog. Writes Krugie:
My wife, who hates you all....


  1. That's probably because she hates him too.

  2. We hate you too. Why did you marry a complete idiot like Krugman? Money?

  3. I suspect that his Maoist wife now writes most of his columns. Remember how bland and stupid the columns were in say 2002?

    During the eighties, he thought that supply-side economics was stupid, but he didn’t think that much about it. Unlike Wells, who was so upset when Reagan was elected that she moved to England, Krugman found Reagan comical rather than evil. “I had very little sense of what was at stake in the tax issues,” he says. “I was into career-building at that point and not that concerned.” [because he's now into truth and not career building].