Sunday, June 15, 2014

Goldman Sachs On the Economics of the World Cup

From GS:

This is our fifth edition since the 1998 Paris competition and the first without Jim O’Neill, who pioneered the previous versions over all those years. While it is hard to match Jim’s football craziness, the group globally is still full of fans of the beautiful game. And it is now possible to acknowledge open support for teams such as Liverpool and Chelsea.

We present this guide as a companion to the upcoming Rio Cup, with the usual unnatural mix of football and economics. We have turned again to famous guest contributors to help guide you through the competition. Franz Beckenbauer, German legend and World Cup Winner as both player and coach, talks about what it takes to succeed. Four of Chelsea’s Brazilian players – Oscar, Ramires, Willian and David Luiz – talk about the excitement and pressure of playing for the host nation. Angel Ubide of DE Shaw talks about the intersection of finance and football, looking at the impact of Spain’s crisis on the restructuring of Spanish football. And Paulo Leme, now Chair of Goldman Sachs Brazil, discusses the parallels between the economy and football in Brazil.

The full report is here.

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