Friday, June 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton’s Bad Book

From The Economist:
Hillary Clinton is a big fan of briefing books. As Barack Obama’s envoy to the world she devoured great, thick binders on every subject imaginable, she writes in “Hard Choices”, a new memoir published on June 10th. As she worked tirelessly to prepare for summits and official trips to 112 countries, she admired the expertise of her diplomats. Only one thing bothered her. A few months into the job she asked the State Department to be more creative with graphics, after envying the flashier briefings carried by Pentagon brass. Soon, she beams: “there were plenty of coloured maps and charts to go around.”

Mrs Clinton’s 600-page doorstopper is full of this stuff: micro-revelations which are earnest, dull and self-serving, all at the same time. “Hard Choices” is a frustrating read.
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  1. Based on the reviews, sounds like it won't be a hard choice avoiding this book. ba-da cha.

  2. Why anyone would spend their money on Hillary's crap mystifies me. She's as superficial they come. A true psychopath.