Monday, June 9, 2014

Increased Police Presence on SF Bound Ferry

An EPJ reader emails:
The Larkspur ferry, which I ride daily into the city and get dropped off at the Embarcadero, over the past year has had an increasing police presence. As of late, there are new DHS "see something say something" type of placards, police in vests upon arrival to the dock at the Port of San Francisco, and I've been told each ferry ride has an air-marshall type person on board. I wasn't sure if this was something that was on your radar, but it's interesting to see the ferry, which consists of tourists and white collar Marin folk, become so heavily policed. If there is a Giants game they offer a special ferry for patrons, upon the condition to surrender any bag you're carrying for police to search.

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  1. There's a saying in Russian for this type of thing: "До хуя их развелось!" (Doh huya eekh razvyelos'!) which roughly translates into "Their numbers grew too large!" (spiced with very appropriate obscenity).

    Which, if you think, is perfectly correct: the parasites grow in numbers as long as there's enough subsistence - so their overlords feel the pressure to put them to some work (preferably harassing the serfs).