Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It Finally Happened! Socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant Appeared on The Dori Monson Show (But Hangs Up) provides a blow-by-blow:
fter several failed attempts, Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant agreed to come on The Dori Monson Show, and actually appeared. 
Monson had been trying to get Sawant on the show since last November, when she was elected. Early on, Monson thought he'd secured an interview, but then was apparently stood up.

After that, there was series of phone calls back and forth, but The Dori Monson Show staff had given up on her ever making an appearance. That was until recently when the two found something they agreed upon. Neither thought Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco, already the highest paid City of Seattle employee, should get a $120,000 raise on top of his $245,000-a-year salary.

After this was discovered, Sawant's staff contacted the show and Sawant agreed to come on. She was a little late for her Monday appearance, and Monson thought at first he'd been stood up again. But they were able to connect for a conversation on-air.

They started out in agreement discussing the Carrasco case, but soon found an area of a little contention when Monson asked Sawant about a few other people she's associated with that make pretty hefty paychecks.

In the end, the long-awaited conversation between Monson and the city councilwoman didn't last long. The call was cut short mid-interview when Sawant said she had to go and the line went silent.

"Did she just hang up on me?" Monson asked. "Really?"

The councilwoman did not come back on the line, and it appeared to be a hang up.

"I'm flabbergasted what just happened here?" said Monson. "Were the questions so outrageous that I was asking?"

The 7 minute interview is here. It's well worth listening to..

The left just hates legitimate debate.


  1. Socialists, communists, democrats - what ever you may call collectivists - are all, without exception, parasites - thieves. They are naturally shy about debating their positions. They are after the money, after all, not the truth. Their response to anyone pulling a debate on them is similar to that of a bank robber when a teller pulls a gun him: get away fast or shoot to kill, so they specialize in evasion and rudeness.

    1. Republicans, conservatives, fascists aren't much different. They just want to use what they milk from you in a different pot - usually involving the military. I know a guy that complains constantly about how he doesn't do anything at his defense contracting job (making very attractive pay, I might add), and yet he'll bash all the left-wing wealth distribution plans something fierce. But because he's working for the military, it's apparently okay. I'm not a libertarian, but it's not hard to see that there are two classes of people in this country: those who work for/with the government and those who don't.

    2. If not a libertarian Nibble, what are ye?

    3. Nipple,

      Of course, you are correct in pointing out the opposite side of the coin. The fact is, any person offering "solutions" via the State is going to have to point a gun at people to extract the money needed to fund the project. The statist (conservative or liberal) presents an offer you can't refuse- your money or your life.

      "I'm not a libertarian, but..."

      Why not? You seem to have a proper perspective of the true nature of the State- "a gang of thieves, writ large", as Rothbard put it. So, what's the hangup?

      "'s not hard to see that there are two classes of people in this country: those who work for/with the government and those who don't."

      This is quite true. Sadly, most mundane government employees have absolutely no concept of the injustice of taxation- the foundation which all their work is based upon. They just go to work every day and do their thing. I am actually sort of glad your acquaintance "doesn't do anything" at his job. Tell him to carry on!

    4. I'm a Christian and apolitical. Everytime I dive into a political ideology to see what it makes it tick, I inevitably hit an unfathomably evil bedrock that sends me fleeing in horror. I attribute this largely to the corrupt nature of man.

      I know many Catholics and Protestants will disagree with me here, but I don't think it's a Christian's place to get involved in secular governments at all. Take the whole gay marriage debate, for example. I see a lot of Christians trying to fight it through government channels, and I think that's missing the point. Practicing homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord, but I also think that what goes on between the secular government of a nation and the secular people in that nation is between them (and ultimately God).

      Christians should be sojourners in this world with a focus on eternity, not on reforming a pagan/heathen government in the passing shadow that is our present lifetime. Most of Jesus' teaching doesn't make any sense unless you view it with that proper focus (non-resistance to evil, praying for/blessing your enemies, not laying treasures up on earth, going the second mile, etc). Christians should be providing a witness to people, but it shouldn't be by force with some sort of top-down approach. They should be prepared to leave all to follow Christ and possibly suffer in this lifetime for His name's sake. Jesus, Himself, tells us to count the cost (Luke 14:26-29). Yet I see an awful lot of professing Christians today, particularly in this nation, who have become complacent and haughty. They're just as worldly as the heathen and have all but lost sight of that thing called eternity, so they start mixing theology, politics, and God knows what else to explain away the teachings that may be inconvenient in their own lives. I think there's more truth to Matthew 7:13-14 than many people realize, sadly.

    5. Thanks for your response, Nibble. Peace and blessings my friend!

  2. FYI- has an update:

    If you enjoy listening the Marxist spin machine churn out more BS, I highly recommend it! She pats herself on the back again for only keeping $40K of her $117K salary- the rest is "is put into a solidarity fund for social justice movements" (sic for Marxist propaganda mongers), but gives two highly paid labor union leaders she works with a pass for their $300K+ salaries because "there is a difference between a labor person who is actually fighting for workers and an executive who is just looking out for their own bottom line and looking out for the interest of billionaire shareholders." This is the socialist "mind" at work!