Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lunch with Clive Palmer

FT sat down for lunch with Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer and we learn:
 [About] his plan to build Titanic II, a life-size replica of the doomed liner that would run transatlantic cruises for tourists...“Everywhere it goes, people will want to see it,” he assures me. “When it arrives at ports, we’ll charge $100 for a tour and a photo.”
What he thinks about Australia's parliament:
“Parliament”, he says, “is like having lots of people on one side that know nothing. They are opposed by a lot of other people on the other side who also know nothing. They are all advised by a lot of people, who know absolutely nothing – it’s a fine art, parliament,” he says with a grin as he scans the room for any MPs within earshot.
And his take on Rupert Murdoch:
Last year he threatened to sue one of Rupert Murdoch’s titles for defamation over articles alleging Palmer exaggerated his wealth and qualifications. “Rupert doesn’t like me,” says Palmer. He adds a little more cryptically: “He is someone who has sworn an oath of allegiance to the US, and he is controlling all of our media [in Australia]. I suppose that is an issue for some people.”

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