Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Obama Hypocritically Calls For “Soul Searching” on Gun Control

By Shane Kastler
It's truly a sad occasion anytime an innocent person's life is taken. Regardless of whether the murder weapon is a gun, or a knife, or a club, or anything else man can devise – it's the murder itself that is tragic. Even a modicum of common sense will tell you that laws restricting citizens from owning guns does nothing but lead to more murders. Because such laws do nothing but empower the bad guys; and attempt to disarm the good guys. A mass public murderer has yet to ever turn around and go back home when he see's a sign that says “Gun Free Zone.” Only a complete moron would ever think he would. The President, of course, doesn't see it this way.
Anytime a shooting occurs, Obama seizes the opportunity to
call for national “soul searching” which is a cryptic way of saying it's time to hand over your guns to the government. On Tuesday he called this his “greatest frustration” as President, saying: “The country has to do some soul-searching about this.” Aside from Obama's weird logic, I notice that when we hear of murders with knives the President doesn't call for expanded “knife control” or “club control” or “ax control.” It's primarily your guns he wants. Which drastically limits your ability to defend yourself, dramatically gives criminals (including those in the government) the ability to control you, and makes you even more dependant on the government than you already are. Obama elaborated further:“The only thing that's going to change this is public opinion. If public opinion does not demand change in Congress, it will not change.” So Obama blames Congress indirectly and the American people directly. “Public opinion” as he calls it, means that those who dare defend their self-defense liberties are responsible for the murders that they did not commit. Then Obama's very next statement contradicted what he just said: “I've initiated over 20 executive actions to try to tighten up some of the rules and the laws, but the bottom line is ... we don't have enough tools right now to really make as big of a dent as we need to.” In other words, what Obama is saying in essence is this: “It's Congress's job to pass the laws, but since they haven't, I've issued executive orders.....but it's still Congress's fault.....yet ultimately it's the “public's” fault.....even though I don't care what any of them think anyway......proven by my repeated executive orders.” Obviously I'm paraphrasing, but you get the point.
I think it should be clear to those of any political persuasion, that the President licks his chops anytime there is a public tragedy that he can pounce on to excuse expanded governmental control. Of course he's not the first politician to do this – since they all use tragedy to their advantage. The disappointing part is that Obama and his ilk have the luxury and the lowness to exploit the raw emotions of the victim's families, as well as others, to score political points. The “Comforter-in-Chief” is a mass manipulator of the lowest order.
It seems to me that the one who needs to do some soul-searching is Obama himself. I personally don't need to do any soul-searching on this issue because I didn't murder anyone. But if I was a government executive who sought to deprive people of the ability to defend themselves my conscience wouldn't let me sleep at night. What right would I have to assume such power, or to presume my knowledge of defense weaponry surpasses any other man's? Obama is interested in control and your personal safety is unimportant to him. He will use every tragedy to his advantage; issue executive orders to take away your freedom; then call on YOU to do the soul-searching. Incredible.
I feel bad for those who have lost loved ones to murderous tragedies. Gun or no gun. I feel even worse for them that Obama uses them as political pawns during their moment of grief. He should be embarrassed at such swarthy behavior. He should call on all Americans to be more vigilant in their own defense. He should encourage all Americans to buy a gun and know how to use it. He should do some soul-searching of his own. But he won't. He'll tell you to. And he'll smugly assume that after such soul-searching, you'll agree with his omniscient benevolent wisdom and hand over the guns. The President is arrogant. His actions are selfish. His feigned concern over the Nation's soul is sheer hypocrisy.  He needs to do the soul searching. And then he needs to repent.
Shane Kastler is Pastor at the Heritage Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA and Co-Host; "Church & State" KELB Radio, 100.5 FM. He blogs at The Narrow Road.


  1. See, these thugs should have used drones. That would have been OK by Obama.

  2. Obama is an arrogant narcissist with too much power.