Sunday, June 29, 2014

Obamacare Premiums Are Going Up

Insurers are starting to calculate what to charge for health plans in 2015, reports BusinessWeek. What we know so far.

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  1. The average premium increase is about 8%. The indigent, that is those on Medicaid, have no cost, and bear no cost increase, in those states which partner with Medicaid.

    In Washington State, "a Blue State", roughly thirty clinics accept Medicaid; and are federated and known as Community Health Clinics, which provide a complete range of medical services. For reproductive care, one can go to Planned Parenthood which accepts Medicaid. The Community Health Clinics can refer one out to specialists, and out to surgery, and out to physical therapy, even psychiatric care. And of course, prescriptions are covered 100%, in Washington State, for Medicaid patients.

    Numerous housing programs abound, so one need not be homeless; if one has $50 a month, one can find a program and obtain a place to live. Utility assistance programs pay all utility costs that the landlord passes on.

    And of course SNAP Food Stamp are provided, generally up to $180/month/per person.