Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oh Boy, Major Rand Paul Foreign Policy Speech Coming

Politico reports:
In late summer or early fall, Paul plans a major foreign policy address that will give him a prime chance to close a gap with establishment Republicans that has been perhaps the biggest hurdle to acceptance of Paul by party elites...
Paul said he’ll give the foreign-policy speech to help “people understand where I’m coming from … that probably the most important thing that we do at the federal government level is to defend the country — and that that is a priority in my thinking, both for spending as well as for the priorities of what the federal government does.”
“I think it’s important to keep elucidating where I’m coming from on foreign policy so basically it isn’t characterized by — or mischaracterized by – enemies,” he added.
So he is going to give a foreign policy speech that is going to bridge the gap with establishment Republicans and party elites? Oh boy.


  1. Let all the Nick Gillespie/CATO types, who now pretend that they didn't snake on Rand's father, support him in 2016. When Rand loses and the neocon media tries to claim the libertarian movement was just a passing trend, they can go down on Rand's sinking ship with him.

  2. Just another triangulating speech from the Randroid.

  3. Wow, more criticism of Rand from the people who thought JFK should have done nothing about the nuclear missiles in Cuba.