Sunday, June 8, 2014

On the Taliban-for-Bergdahl Trade

A D.C. friend, familiar with such things, speculates that one of the 5 Taliban released in the Taliban-for-Bergdahl trade has probably been flipped and will be a good source of intel for the US government.

It's clear that President Obama prefers using drones and surrogate foreign fighters, rather than American military personnel, to extend the empire, and the trade on the surface appears to be an Obama mop up operation as American military are drawn down in Afghanistan, but at deeper levels there might be more to the story.



  1. Well if their friends and relatives are smart these five will never ever again be invited to a wedding.

    1. Which is why a video of them parading around as "heroes" was shown. A sort of reverse "wanted" picture.

    2. and if they prove to be not much use then......