Sunday, June 22, 2014

Polish Minister Calls US Ties Worthless

 A Polish magazine said Sunday it has obtained recordings of a private conversation in which the foreign minister says Poland’s strong alliance with the U.S. was worthless and “even harmful because it creates a false sense of security," reports WaPo.

In a short transcript of the conversation, a person identified as Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski also allegedly criticized Poles as naive in a conversation with a former finance minister.

WaPo continues:
Wprost has only provided a transcript of excerpts of the conversation, which it said was recorded in the spring. The magazine has said the sound files will be published on Monday or Tuesday.

Using vulgar language and expletives, Sikorski argued that the Polish-U.S. alliance could alienate two key neighbors of Poland, Russia and Germany.

“The Polish-American alliance isn’t worth anything. It is even harmful because it creates a false sense of security for Poland,” the person said. “(We are) suckers, total suckers. The problem in Poland is that we have shallow pride and low self-esteem.”
Sikorski is correct. George Washington's warning about getting involved in foreign entanglements and alliances holds as much for foreign countries as it does for the U.S.

Poland should tell the US, "Idź do diabła."



  1. Worthless? More like "destructive."

  2. "Polish Minister Calls US Ties Worthless"

    Oh yeah. Well he'll be singing a different tune when he sees the shirts we're gonna' wear with 'em!