Friday, June 13, 2014

Rand Paul Calls for Cutting Edge Technology at US Borders

Rand writes for Breitbart:
Strong border security includes using cutting edge technology. Satellites, physical barriers, screening to bar criminals and terrorists from entry, increased patrols on the border—and yes, surveillance drones—all should be part of a comprehensive plan to physically protect the border... 
I support legal, not illegal, immigration. We must embrace immigration and immigrants, and we must recognize that our country has been enriched by those who seek the freedom to make better lives for themselves. However, our current system is broken, and we cannot move towards reform until our border is truly and fully secure.
It is becoming more obvious, government plays an important in Rand's view of the world. The truth is that the last thing we need is more high tech security in the hands of government, for any reason. As Rand's father has astutely observed with regard to a fence at the border, that technology can be turned inward--against us.

The libertarian perspective on immigration should take the absolute supremacy of private property over a government role of any kind, SEE Some Hate Toward Rand Paul.



  1. Ron Paul supported militarizing the border. What a loser..

  2. RW,

    It would seem that most property owners near the border do not want illegal immigrants on their land. So long as the government doesn't allow us to defend our own rights, and insists that they are the only ones allowed to do so, are these people not justified for calling for secured borders?

    The notion of being "in favor of immigration but not illegal immigration" seems to actually match up the traditional free market view of property owners being able to decide. Obviously not EVERY property owner feels this way, but I'd guess the vast majority of property owners would be fine with having people on their property who are well educated technical professionals, but not with having unskilled criminals with no real employment prospects around.