Monday, June 30, 2014

Rand Paul Hires Former Heman Cain Operative

Rand Paul just named former Republican Party of Iowa Chairman, Steve Grubbs, as Chief Strategist of his Iowa RANDPAC operation.

Grubbs is a typical political opportunist. He worked for Herman Cain during Cain's presidential bid. At the time, he said:
We tried a community organizer as president, maybe it's time we put a CEO in the White House. I've had the good fortune to work with Bob Dole, Steve Forbes and Tommy Thompson and I can honestly say that I've never quite seen the groundswell of excitement that I'm seeing for Herman Cain.
Grubbs was ousted as Iowa chair by the anti-Ron Paul forces. Bottom line, Grubbs played a very sloppy hand in Iowa and RANDPAC is bailing him out.


  1. Hey Wait, Herman Cain had people managing his campaign ?!?!?!

    1. I wonder if he was responsible for Cain's brilliant "9-9-9" plan? I'm surprised the pizza man was unable to successfully pitch it to the Booboisie given the success of Subway's 5 for $5 marketing campaign.

      I can't wait for the same brilliance to hit Rand's campaign.

      All that said, I wish Cain would return to being productive in the food industry again(seriously!), where he was obviously good at creating jobs/wealth, instead of wasting his time with politics.