Monday, June 9, 2014

Rand Paul: "We Have to Expand What We Believe In."

More scary talk from Rand Paul. Politico reports:
Rand Paul told GOP activists Saturday that the GOP can’t nominate another “Chamber of Commerce Republican” and expect to win the presidency in 2016..
“Chamber of Commerce is fine, I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, but a Chamber of Commerce Republican is not going to win a national election,” Paul (R-Ky.), the libertarian-leaning senator and likely presidential contender, said. “I’m not saying we give up on what we believe in, but we have to expand what we believe in.
Although hardcore libertarians might view the Chamber of Commerce, especially at the national level, as crony capitalist organization, Rand appears to be using "Chamber of Commerce," as a code against limited government. Very sad.

As I have said, it is only going to get worse, the closer we get to the 2016 primaries.



  1. "“I’m not saying we give up on what we believe in, but we have to expand what we believe in."

    Question for Jeff Tucker:

    Who does this sound like?

  2. "Rand appears to be using "Chamber of Commerce," as a code against limited government."

    Really? You think that's what you think he was getting at? I mean, seriously.

    1. If anything, he meant the opposite. Chamber of Commerce is a group that always supports tax hikes and Medicaid expansion and compromising with the establishment. Bad place to attack Rand for this comment

  3. first time ever i've heard expand as a synonym for water down.

  4. Everyone knows Chamber of Commerce Republican is a reference to a pro-Amnesty/Comp Immigration Reform/Cheap Labor lobby.

    Stop fighting your inner-Rothbard/Hoppe, Bob.

  5. I already have his campaign slogan-

    "We must protect the Rights of the People, and stop the wrongs of Government"

    Seriously. Define people, or rights, or wrongs in the world of Washington DC. They are conceptual, not concrete.

    R Dale Fitzgerald

  6. "Chamber of commerce" a euphemism for limited government? I don't think so, and I'm not alone. Here's Breitbart's interpretation on his use of the term in this article (

    "The Chamber of Commerce has vowed to spend millions against conservative candidates in GOP primaries and to push comprehensive amnesty legislation. They have been criticized for favoring timid candidates like Mitt Romney who favor "pastel" policies over "bold" Reaganesque solutions. The late Jack Kemp said that Republicans should get out of the country clubs and boardrooms and go into the ghettos and barrios, and Paul has been doing exactly that, trying to broaden his appeal among African American voters by speaking to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and, on Saturday, opening up a "GOP engagement" office in a black section in Louisville." Paul has said that his opposition to excessive government spying can persuade young voters, especially minorities, to vote for conservatives."

  7. Dear God,

    I know you're not there and if you are, you're not listening, but please make Rand Paul a liar like all other politicians so when he wins the presidency he can break all his promises to the establishment and reveal himself to be his father's son. Amen.