Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ready for something new?

The Amazon Fire Phone is here.

Check it out here:


  1. It's two main features:

    1.) Firefly-a QC reader combined with Shazam. If this function was desirable an app would have been created a long time ago, it's not a new idea.

    2.) Mayday button-allowing a user to instantly connect to customer service. I thought the purpose was for the device to be so intuitive and simple to use so that the user doesn't have to rely on tech support?

    Not to mention, it's a first generation from a company that's inexperienced in making hardware. I love Amazon but I'll pass.

  2. I leave my mobile at home more and more nowadays, to the point where I'm thinking about getting rid of it altogether and getting a land-line. It's actually quite nice not being tethered to the world and face-planted to a tiny screen when I'm out and about; it forces me to actually acknowledge the people around me (assuming they aren't preoccupied with the screen in their hand).