Thursday, June 12, 2014

Starbucks to Let Customers Charge Phones Without Power Cords

File under: I love free market innovation.

Starbucks is teaming up with Duracell Powermat to let customers recharge mobile devices wirelessly, instead of hunting for available wall outlets. Customers can place their compatible devices atop so-called Powermat Spots on counters and tables to recharge them.



  1. The cancer epidemic from electromagnetic pollution is going to dwarf anything we've seen from malnutrition and processed foods. This technology has a limited range, but i wonder if this is another drop in the bucket.

  2. Only if your device supports such functionality.

    Starbucks should worry about serving good coffee than frippery and window dressing.

    1. You can get good coffee anywhere, including at home for half the price. Starbucks makes its money on the frippery and window dressing.