Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Case for Voting for Flakes and the Zero-Sum Nature of Politics

I don't vote, but Gary North has an interesting observation for those who do:
I think a Republican could defeat Biden fairly easily. Even if Biden won, he would be less of a threat to our liberties than Hillary Clinton. He has a marvelous ability to put his foot in his mouth. He would become, not so much a bone of contention as a source of amusement. I don't think he has the stomach for becoming a dictator. There is something flaky about him. Flaky people make rotten dictators. It is why I would have voted for John Kerry in 2004, had I not written in Ron Paul's name.
North also makes this interesting point:
 I wanted to see Clinton torn down, but I did not want to see him impeached and convicted. So, I was not envious against him; it was simply a matter of political strategy. I am always happy to see some President whacked on the knuckles by political reality, so that he cannot exercise as much power. National politics is usually a zero-sum arrangement. The President wins; I lose. When he loses power, I gain a little bit of freedom.


  1. " Even if Biden won, he would be less of a threat to our liberties than Hillary Clinton."

    North is making the assumption that the President is making the decisions.

    "Flaky people make rotten dictators."

    GW Bush was a total flake and a complete idiot.

  2. Zero sum, yep. But, that is exactly why impeachment and removal has to be done. The accumulation of power to the POTUS is due to the lack of fear and actual use of the political trial process. A POTUS will be more circumspect in their actions if there was a history of removals gnawing their butts.

    1. Awesome. Cripple them at the knees and keep kicking, be it R or D.

  3. Biden doesn't need any help - he would defeat himself...