Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Latest Scheme from Capital Hating, Free Market Hating, Socialist Kshama Sawant


  1. Doesn't she mean, "We must force BigBiz to save #metro" whether they like it or not?

    1. Or how about this, "We must force BigBiz to save the #metro" whether they use it or not.

      Apparently it's now regressive to have the people who use a service pay for it. Why got get rid of all gasoline taxes which are supposed to go towards maintaining the roads and just raise corporate taxes to fix the roads. Then the working class will benefit from cheaper gas prices and BigBiz has money so who cares. right?

  2. i respect the fact that she wears her socialist agenda out in the open and doesn't pretend like most dem politicians. based on the support she receives from her constituents , it's hard for anyone in seattle to argue that it isn't a lefty town.