Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Was Obama Set Up?

Jay Stephenson emails:
I was in the Marines over a decade ago and this Bowie Bergdahl story
makes no sense to me.  Obama may not have consulted Congress, but I
guarantee he was advised by military officials prior to making this
decision  The stories that are coming out were known by the Army prior
to the hostage deal. I don't know what Obama's intentions were, but
he's not politically stupid.  He does not want to, as Richard Nixon
once said, "give his enemies a sword."
Perhaps this is a setup to get a more neocon friendly president in.  I
do think it's a high possibility that  he will be impeached.


  1. The entire administration is a set up…and we're its victims.

    How does a junior senator with virtually no real world experience become POTUS? How does a virtual unknown whose never had a job become the Top Dog? How could a man have his entire life's paper trail mysteriously become unavailable to the public?

    Because he was selected, not elected.

    I'm sure his successor will also be selected. Your vote is meaningless. Irrelevant.

  2. At this point Barry knows that whatever he does is going have the Republicans shrieking and moaning and gnashing their teeth but he has 3 trump cards a the american people are so sick of hearing about Afghanistan and 2 even sicker of republican pols hysterically bitching just to score points than solving shit.and 3 it won't take much for the white house to start leaking stuff about what really happened in Iraq and who profited.

    1. Not sure about the last. Dems will certainly be implicated as well if they start releasing files on Iraq, not sure they want to do that.

    2. Impeachment depends on the actions of the five "terrorists" released, I believe. Bill Kristol is always complaining about our nation's "war weariness." An attack on the military in Afghanistan that would involve these released prisoners would certainly give them a lot of ammunition to not only bring impeachment proceedings against Obama but vindicate George W. and promote pro-war candidates for 2016. Obama is a scumbag, but that doesn't mean he's immune from a false flag operation to get America in that Toby Keith "boot in your ass" mood again.

    3. that would be the nuclear option if impeachment proceedings went ahead which aren't going o happen anytime soon.

  3. No matter what happens, no one is going to impeach the first black president. (Well, half black, according to him, but as with everything else about Barry Soweto, we can confirm virtually nothing about his past.)

  4. I think the idea with Obama was to have a black president drop bombs on foreigners rather than the traditional white male. People wanted change from George W. because of his illegal wars, so we got a color change instead. So now that Obama's popularity is sinking, we need a woman to drop bombs. Same policy, different sex.