Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why I Am Fighting the NBA

Donald Sterling has issued a statement explaining why he has decided not to sell the Los Angeles Clippers and why he is going to fight the NBA. It is good to see the old coot decide to fight. He clearly isn't approaching this from a complete libertarian point of view, but it is good to see him point out the hypocrisy in the NBA's charges against him, since everyone discriminates in some fashion. To attempt live a completely non-discriminatory life is absurd. This battle should be fun.-RW

Below is Sterling's statement in full:
 I  was  brought  up  in  America  and  educated  to  believe  that  every  citizen  has  a  right  to   privacy  and  right  to  freedom  of  speech.    As  a  lawyer  and  citizen,  I  am  shocked  (but   not  surprised)  that  the  NBA  wants  to  take  away  those  fundamental  rights.

I  feel  that  every  American  has  to  protect  those  rights  and  that  the  NBA  should  not  be   allowed  to  take  away  those  rights.  I  have  apologized  for  my  mistakes.    My  apology  is   sincere.   I  want  every  American  to  know  that  I  will  not  give  up  fighting  for  those   rights.

I  also  feel  that  the  leadership  of  the  NBA  is  incompetent,  inexperienced  and  angry.    It   is  clear  that  they  took  this  opportunity  to  settle  the  personal  grievances  they  have   harbored  against  me  for  years.

 The   NBA   has   a   history   of   discriminatory   practices   which   is   supported   by   the   numerous  lawsuits  filed  by  NBA  employees  claiming  gender  based  discrimination.   Adam   Silver   has   worked   for   the   NBA   since   1992.      He   must   know   about   the   discriminatory   practices   of   the   NBA   which   are   all   matters   of   public   record.      The   reason  Adam  Silver  is  focused  on  the  sale,  instead  the  larger  social  issue,  is  because   doing   so   would   require   him   to   examine   the   NBA’s   own   discriminatory   practices,   including   those   that   occurred   under   his   many   years   in   leadership.

 If   the   NBA   is   sincere  about  their  approach,  Adam  Silver  needs  to  publicly  examine  the  NBA’s  own   conduct  and  the  conduct  of  each  and  every  Owner.      For  now,  it  seems  Adam  Silver  is  content  with  focusing  his  energy  on  violating  my   rights,   attempting   to   take   my   property,   and   signing   autographs   for   TMZ.      Maybe   once   the   dust   settles,   he   will   have   some   time   to   focus   on   the   NBA’s   own   transgressions.  

 The   NBA   continues   to   thrive   and   exact   its   reign   of   terror   in   large   part   from   the   money  it  receives  from  the  Fans.    The  NBA  is  a  band  of  hypocrites  and  bullies.    They   will  not  stop  until  someone  stands  up.    They  have  taken  the  liberty  to  desecrate  my   privacy  rights  and  my  right  to  own  property.    I  have  no  doubt  that  they  will  continue   to  find  new  ways  to  violate  my  rights  and  the  rights  of  any  other  person  in  order  to   draw  attention  away  from  their  own  discriminatory  and  repulsive  conduct.

 We  have  to  fight  for  the  rights  of  all  Americans.    We  have  to  fight  these  despicable   monsters.    THIS  IS  THE  REASON  I  WILL  NOT  SELL  MY  TEAM.

 Donald  T.  Sterling