Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Bag of M&M's and One Bottled Water = $11.75

There is no price inflation. I am positive of that.

Food, drinks and snacks prices have been published for the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, where the San Francisco 49ers will play.

Here's a breakdown of prices at gourmet concessions at Levi's Stadium:

Beer: $10.25 for 20-ounce domestic and $11 for 18-ounce "premium"
Frankfurter: $6.25
Sausage or bratwurst: $8.25
Soda: $5.25 for 21 ounces, 49ers souvenir soda cup: $7.50
Pizza: $8 per slice
Garlic fries: $8.50
Nachos: $6
Bag of candy: $6
Water: $5.75 for a 20-ounce bottle
Wine: $12 for a 7-ounce pour
Tortas, barbecue sandwich or burger: $12

Tickets at the new stadium will start at $85.00 for nosebleed seats.



  1. Stadium prices have always been high. That's why my mom (of all people) taught me how to hide food and drinks in my clothes when going to a game. Now, with the new "security precautions" (NFL clear bags and terrorism searches and whatever else) vendors and stadium management don't have to compete with people like my mom.

  2. My favorite coffee shop here in Nashville, IN (Common Grounds) had all prices on their laminated menus blacked out. The owner said she had to increase prices (and purchase new menus!) because all her suppliers had raised their prices. Keynesian benefits.