Saturday, July 19, 2014

A San Francisco Resume

A friend of a friend sent me a copy of his resume, for comment. It includes this:

Sierra Club   – San Francisco  ,Ca                                                                 2004-2004
§  Canvassing
§  Outreach

International Socialist Organization – San Francisco, Ca                            2004 – 2005

§  Analysis of social movements
§  Campaigning outreach around election
§  Organization around unions and colleges

Spartacus Youth Brigade – Berkeley , Ca                                                     2006 – 2006

§  Attendance of Community Meetings
§  Organization of community base
§  Fundraising

§  Publication distribution
There were no other positions listed on the resume, volunteer or otherwise.

And he wonders why he doesn't have a job.

Note to job seekers: It is not wise to signal on a resume that you are a capitalist hating, potential troublemaker. Even in Sn Francisco, this is likley going to limit your job opportunities to that of being a clerk at a People's Revolutionary incense store or bong shop.



  1. While working for an energy company years ago, my boss would promptly "round file" any resume that contained any reference to environmental groups.

    1. Hmmmm...I wonder if there is any correlation between unemployment and members of the Free Shit Army?

      Perhaps smart employers pick up on ANY hint that the MINORITY- LGBTQ, vaginally equipped, non-slightly pink or semi-epicanthic fold-ed men are the only safe bet (since they aren't a protected group)--- is dangerous.

      They would love to hire the transgender Nubian goddess, but the reality is that it becomes a HUGE risk if s/he decides to become offended and sue.

      If "diversity" is a ticket to federal lawsuit...why hire anyone?!!?

      A handicapped black lesbian with a PhD has a better chance at a job in government than a straight white man (and I am white) because they are driven by government to "DIVERSIFY".

      Fuck that.

  2. Bob, the People's Revolutionary Incense AND Candles Ko-operative will be a noon for California.

    PRICK will give it to everyone!

  3. even if it weren't so politically charged I doubt it would get much attention.

  4. There's no information at all about what he actually *did* at those organizations. What VALUE did he bring? What were his accomplishments? "Attendance of meetings" is nothing special. *Running* a meeting IS.

  5. This would probably be a great resume for a job at a public university.

    1. Or President of the United States.