Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another Person Who Doesn't Care About Money

Hey Chelsea Clinton, I know you are married but I think I really found your soul mate. Carmelo Anthony doesn't care about money,either.-RW

Fred Kerber reports for NyPo:
Faith in Phil Jackson trumped everything else for Carmelo Anthony, including money.
“I want to win. I don’t care about the money,” Anthony told “I believe Phil will do what he has to do to take care of that.”
And to prove it, Anthony is going to try to live the next five years in New York on a mere $122 million, as opposed to the $129 million he could have squeezed from the Knicks.
If there is another transit fare hike or bridge-and-tunnel toll increase, Anthony may regret his decision, but for now he said he believes in the future of the Knicks...
Anthony, who recently re-upped with the Knicks for five years and that $122 million, told the website his conviction that Jackson will turn around the fortunes for New York’s storied franchise — not the money — was what brought him back for the long haul.
Anthony could have signed with the Bulls for considerably less — but with a better chance to win sooner. Still, in the long run, none of that mattered for Anthony, who admitted to agonizing over his decision.

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